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Bullseye Is a B2B Audience Builder

Marketing teams use Bullseye to build precise audiences that are automatically pushed to your Facebook and Google accounts.

Reach the same audiences you can target on LinkedIn, but on ad platforms that charge a fraction of the cost.

Match Rates
Beyond Comparison

Other solutions advertise Facebook and Instagram match rates of 30%.

Bullseye makes that look silly.

With Bullseye, you know you'll actually be able to reach the audiences you build.

Precise Targeting With 100+ Filters

Go far beyond traditional segmentation with filters like...

Business model

Tech stack

Work history

Funding rounds

Always Fresh Data

B2B data decays at almost 40% per year.

Job changes, promotions, and layoffs mean yesterday's data simply isn't good enough.

Bullseye constantly refreshes your audiences, removing those who no longer fit your criteria and adding new audience members who do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't Facebook a B2C channel?

While Facebook and Instagram have traditionally been goldmines for B2C brands selling to individual consumers, it's important to remember that your B2B audience members and prospects are individuals too.

Not only is your ICP on Facebook and Instagram, but they spend more time and are more active there than on LinkedIn. CPMs can be over 50% lower on Facebook, and that efficiency has a profound effect on the rest of your funnel, resulting in reduced CPCs and CPAs.

With Bullseye, your B2B marketing team can get the kind of results that B2C brands have been enjoying for years.

What types of audiences can I build?

Here are some popular ways customers use Bullseye:

ICP: Define your ICP and create an audience of exact matches

Target Company: Start with a list of target companies, add contact level criteria, and create an audience to reach the right decision makers at those companies

Campaign specific audiences: Experiment with new audiences for specific campaigns

Enrich Audiences: Import companies and contacts from your CRM and enrich them to create a reachable audience

Lookalike Audiences: Import the best fit customers from your CRM and we’ll find an audience of similar targets

Near Fit Audiences: Broaden your audience to include prospects who would otherwise just barely be excluded based on your filters

What counts as a new audience member?

A new audience member is any criteria match that has not previously been active on your account.

For example, if you generate an audience of 20k people, that counts as 20k new audience members.  When we refresh the list for the most up-to-date data and another 500 audience members have entered your criteria, that counts as 500 new audience members.

However, if you generate a 20k person audience but 5k of them overlap with your existing audiences, that would only count as 15k new audience members.